Calabria: The Other Italy by Karen Haid


Nonfiction book that explores daily life, culture, history, the arts, food, society and tourism of Calabria, Italy.

280 pages, 6 x 9 inches, paperback


Calabria: The Other Italy is an award-winning book by Karen Haid that explores daily life, culture and society of a fascinating region in Southern Italy.

Once the hub of the Mediterranean, Calabria now dangles, largely ignored, at the bottom of the Italian boot, struggling for survival, acceptance and a place in modern Italy and the world. Little-known even to Italians outside the nefarious activities of its ‘Ndrangheta mafia organization, Calabria allures with its simplicity and rewards with an underlying complexity, as in savoring an artisanal cheese, appreciating an ancient Greek masterwork or interpreting a particularly expressive phrase in the local dialect.

Calabria: The Other Italy paints a compelling picture of contemporary Calabria and Southern Italy, weaving observation, personal anecdote, salient historical information and social commentary into a nonfiction narrative that combines travelogue with an exploration of everyday life and culture. At times humorous, at others poignant, this engaging work portrays the joys and challenges of the “other Italy.”

ISBN-13: 9781634132305

Publisher: Mill City Press

Publication: January 2015


“A phenomenal book that captures the heart and soul of one of Italy’s most obscure and attractive regions” — PRIMO Italian American Magazine
“Part history, part travel guide, part memoir – and as informed and informative as it is engaging and entertaining” — Midwest Book Review
 “An intoxicating blend of humor, joy, and reverence for this area in Italy’s deep south” — Publisher’s Weekly
“Charming and refreshingly honest” — Ambassador, Magazine of the National Italian American Foundation
“When I started reading this book, all I knew about Calabria was pizza calabrese. Now it’s on my list of places to visit!”  — Women on the Road Travel Website