Chinese Restaurant, Chinese food in Italy

Calabrian Eateries: Chinese Food in Italy

Karen Haid, Ristorante Cinese, Reggio Calabria

Karen Haid, Ristorante Cinese, Reggio Calabria

I had been looking for an excuse to go to the Chinese restaurant in downtown Reggio for some time. I had passed it on numerous occasions – a cozy establishment with wood paneling and white tablecloths that seemed to be frequented by younger adults. So one evening after a very enjoyable presentation on Chinese culture at the Anglo-Italian Club, I decided to seize the moment and continue the theme for dinner. Read More

The “Tavola Calda” – Part 1


My father likes to reminisce about the wonderful meals he ate while living in Rome in the 1950s. Perhaps surprisingly, one of his favorite lunches consisted of a big plate of cooked spinach on which he drizzled olive oil and squeezed a lemon. He would lap it up with several slices of a hearty, crusty bread and wash it down with a glass of white wine. It was a dish he really enjoyed and he liked the fact that in Italy spinaci al limone could be ordered, eaten, and most importantly, savored as a meal in itself. Read More

A Calabrian Tarantella


In Calabria, the tarantella always seems to be present, whether formally or informally, whenever there’s a traditional town festival or religious procession. A group of musicians with folk instruments may set up in a piazza, begin playing, and a crowd will invariably gather—young and old, toddlers flailing with their characteristic, unbridled enthusiasm, and old-timers with the sort of precise, energy-saving movements that render a confident sophistication to their execution of the dance steps. Read More